Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey Merry Christmas and happy new years from switzerland were I m spending the holidays unfortunaly the camera is still broken so the photos are very limited lately but i will do what i can .
Hey Merry Christmas and happy new years from switzerland were I m spending the holidays unfortunaly the camera is still broken so the photos are very limited lately but i will do what i can .

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kenny allways got a big smile before he goes skating , and driving his new ride to ...

Last week was full of surprise with the old homies coming to town , anybody reconize those dudes?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

This was a Very sad week end , one of the worst, the maine reasond being was the lost off TREEBLOG main companion for many years received the coup de gras and died. How I m supposed to update the blog when i can 't shoot . Is this the end ???

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Kenny Hiromasa Anderson 's interview ! From Indians in Vegas ,sex with Bam's dad to male hooker in Singapore here it is...

Treeblog : Hey kenny
Kenny.H: Hey

TB: What are you doing ?
K.H.A.: In Vegas

TB; Yeah for thankgiving ?
K.H: Yeah

K.H: It was good .. whole family was there .. giving thanks.
TB : Remember when the Indian use to live under ceasars palace hunting buffalos

KE: Indian!! did I tell you that ?
TB: What ? no, it 's true ? You tell people that ?

KH: Vegas is built on an indian burial ground.
TB: sounds familiar now , that 's creepies, but it's not really you fault
because chiness were't mean to the indians.

KH: I 'm Japanese
TB: Same thing... I was wondering who invented the big spin the other day

KH: Lotti, or Ocean , that s a hard one there were doing it around the same
time, I saw lotti do it when i was young...and it was the first time I had
seen it.
TB: yeah that s what I was getting at because I talk to mark Wyndham and he
said that Ocean was doing it at the same time

KH: Who knows who cares mark wyndham is the best he did it first.
TB: Mark said ocean did it , but I m glad that you think mark is the best
because it seems like I m the last one that think so this days, but i
think you would off invented if they did 't do it.

K.H: cmon bro leave me out off this.
TB: but did you invented the swich back smith ?

K.H: Yeah Treeball, I envented the switch back smith !
TB: How do you do them so good you steeze them out like nobody eles then you
KH: i just learned an old trick late, id say salmon probably did the first one
TB: Salmon the fish?
K.H: I dont do them good , yeah sushi did it and sashimi did it first
TB: you do them the best but i do understand that you dont want to tell the
millions off people the secret

K.H : Wow ,did i make your blog ??
TREE.B: yeah you did , look at your photo see..

K.H : yeah...looking real stupid
TREE.B: well you r going to look so good once we are done with this interview , do
you have a photo I can use by the way?

K.H: this is the interview ???
TREE.B: yeah it s going great so far ,
K.H: RAD !

TB: what do you mean RAD , are you exited??
K.H: I m so exited I can barely type.

TREE: Ok good I m glad , I really need this interview ,the hits are jumping up
When i have one,
K.H : your amazing
TREE.B: I m just ok ,thanks... when 's the last time you see Bam ?? People are
asking about him, you know him good ??? Were you on his show ??

K.H: this just gets better and better... i thought were just chatting then all
of a sudden..... yeah I was on his show. It change my life for ever I
skated and gambled ... and sat in vegas chapel.

TREE.B: did you beat up his dad ??
K.H: no ! i m a lover not a fighter.

TREE.B: lover ? Sounds good but why did 't you beat up his dad ? I though that 's
what we supposed to do ?
K.H Whos we? a random kung fu enthusiast from switzerland ? Who do you think
would win? you or Phil

TREE.B I would hit him with an alp horn at least I dont know if he can take
K.H he could take it.
TREE.B: till i bring out the cheese block on his head...he seem really stong
K.H: well the smell from your cheese alone could take him

TREE.B: Yeah i think so! What 's your best slam ? like you know the one that felix
felt on the chair in Belgium do you have anything like this?

K.H: how do you remember that??
TREE.B: how could i fergert ??? did you ?
K.H : that was amazing.....felix going rambo...
K.H: yeah the most amazing thing i ever saw ,he always had the grand finale

TREE.B : yeah and what a finaly that was ,do you have one like this ?
K.H yeah i was grinding a 5 kink handrail and slipped out and smacked my head
on the stairs.....then i got up and did it 3 tries later.

TREE.B: What that's me ? that's not funy who cares about that ? I walk in a
electric poll befor while i was hollering at some girl that was pretty
K.H: What are you talking about? 'i walk in a electric poll befor while i was
hollering at some girl that was pretty funny'
TREE.B I was walking up the street and I was like" what s up girl" she was across
the street and run into a electric poll with my head. I did !!!

K.H: Oh!! I forgot....typical TREEBALL move.
TREE.B : yeah do you have one like this? Or a funy slam?

K.H: sorry TREEBALL...i never walked into a pole trying to holler at a girl

TREE.B : I would't think so either well you not fun , so I just leave the part
about bams dad then? When you said that you rader make love to him insted
of fighting him ?

K.H : why dont we talk about you in singapore ? Who cares about funy slams when
we have Treeball hooking up with a male hooker in singapore
T.B. Singapour? Ahha you are so making thing 's up, how com i cant remember

K.H: you've always had selective memory ,felix flying off a 12 foot bank onto a
chair,but not the little mistake you made...
TREE.B: I m trying really hard I can t remember... that as never happend
I guarantie

K.H: ok didn't. whatever
T.B: I know i did't but that a funny com back but it is you interview not mine
and all I need is a photo and we are ready to go ....male hookers ??

K.H. let me interview you I have a lot of questions for you
T.B: I cant get my own interview on the treeblog , how is that?
K.H: guest editor
T.B: you get one only go head?

K.H: I still have some unanswered question from years ago
T.B: I m waiting....go head guest editor...

K.H: Heres one....ill save the rest for later...
K.H: Were you in love with the girl that stole your wallet?
T.H: Ahahha good one , I really thing she liked me and I did like her you r a
K.H: well thats all I needed, bring this out on the Treeblog ,just wait till
the full length interview.

T.B: Sick,well Kenny it was awesome having you here i hope we can do it again
T.B : send me a photo with you and the indiens

K.H : thank you TREEBALL, it was good being here. You are very welcoming and
your hospitality is much appreciated..............

K.H: you got the photo??
TREE.B: Oh whoaw awesome , is that a lama??????
K.H: yeah

TREE.B: I can belive it that s an amazing photo
K.H: Peru
TREE.: nice why you look so big ?

K.H: I m big in peru
TREE.B you'r big time ?

K.H: yep
TREE.B or are they elf ?
K.H thats not nice

TREE.B I'm just kidding I just watch elf last night when the have the conference,
keeps calling the guy an hangry elf.
K.H: thanks for clearing that up.

K.H: good stuff
TREE.B Ok we 'r done thanks Touky....see you on the blog soon.... .................................................................

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coming soon, "The Kenny Anderson" 's interview !!!!

Song by" Wide Wings"

Wide Wings in action.


In case you dont know my bro Yannick aka" Wide Wings" cam out with his own world music cd this year . It as been a long journey for him battling an unknow illness that keeps him in bed most of the day for the past 7 years . A Swiss artist recently composed a song about his storie for Seventhsky magazin you can check it out at :

If you want to check out songs by Wide wings go to: or check Expedition warm ups part on you tube above.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Beek
One the the most famous predator impression by Karl

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pre session for the narliest dude around Kenny the Octopus Oil , big spin 270 out ( chris Troy ) and , Andy aka slick back , witch was't so today with his bennie on, were ready to take on the street.

Ryan and I are boncing right back from knee injury , broke into Kyle s leeper house to skate his mini ramp and had a rock fakie tail tape contest going way high on the ramp.

Is this the wholly Mamouth or Richard Angelides , because they both becoming just as hard find this days.

I hope everybody had a happy thanks giving this week end. while not to familiar with this holiday I m getting used to eat the good food . So it was to bad been a thank giving refugies.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kenny I did 't ferget about you , I know you wanted to get on the treeblog to , I was just saving this photo for our interview but after thinkg about it I radder have here asap you deserve it .

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Gave and the Grizza , Gav did't get last part but he is always the last one standing .

Can t get enough of welsh on here , there it is again with his Girl, he drop some seriouse "manuveurs" in here spining everywere the gloves out the camos the onlything he was out off was his cizerps .

Mike was really hype up , was it to be on the blog or be done with the video I dont know but he kill it , a lots of people said that he ad the best part , it s a close one between all those duds you'l decide for yourself , back tail heal out ,blunt slide up walls and the best front side flip in buisness he really did it again.
Hey Landiiiiiiiiiiii s there to .

Shelton aka Stigma or nascar was there , that means this was a very special occasion.

Eric and Ashlee minutes before droping an other historical video part from laser beens eye to fakie tree flip , Eric blew everything in his path , he is unstopable.
He knows how to get ender ender done but I m not sure how he ended up this friday night

Tommy Wisdom and Pj were there good to see you there too

Ako and Atiba were there of course Tibs you can hate on me on ichat all you want but now you on Treeblog looking like you latest slam cover .

The quatro amigos, Enriquet and the sants crew are back from spain and ready to tak on the streets off LA . Welcom back the US

Ty looking like a dark monk or dark Maul and Stef getting ready to check is new video on the big screen. After I ask him how hectic was it to finish this one he told me that he made sur he ad enough time to check the Treeblog in the morning . Good job Ty , I hope you have a well derved vacation soon.

LAKAI video premier

Well here it is ! After a little update delai due the week end parties, here is couple fotos from the premier before everything got blury and woke up like a agonising worm on Shelton' s couch . Lakai video premier was nothing short from spectacular to much to mantion, everybody should get this one .The vid is out and everybody in the world was out to , so here couple photos of behind the seen, Treeblog was there to cover it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Welsh on his last session, ready for the lakai premier or the TREEBLOG interview ???

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the "ROB WELSH" Interview finally here !!!

-TREEBLOG , So how exited are you to be the first interview on the treeblog ???

-WELSH , Very !! I was just thinking about it you must get like 40 thousand hits a day on your blog
-TREEBLOG I will after i get this interview done with you
-WELSH , probably just 40 if that.

-TREEBLOG, You 'v recently stop smoking and purchase a new hybrid I m very proud off you , why this change ?
is it has to do with the cound down ?
-WELSH, well I quit smoking because of money reasons, I was smoking two packs a day. and it got expensive. I thought with all the cigerette marketing I could get a good cigerette sponsor, but the phone never rang and I would keep smoking if they were free I didn't think i could limit myself to just one pack a day, i would need at least two I could afford that but two packs, kinda costly so with all the money i was saving i thought why not buy a car my other car blew a valve spring, so it was kinda fucked and it was about that timeit had over 120 thousand miles so why not by a hybrid makes more sense though I would love a ego car some mussel car or some shit.

-TREEBALL Ok that enough i though you going to say that you were a little earth consius or something
-WELSH don't save it, pave it
-TREEBALL, or that you were softing up you image
-WELSH ha , don';t you wish, earths cool i guess
-TREEBALL yeah but after all you want to smoke yourself out and drive musscle car

-WELSH all the earth I cherish is concrete
-TREEBALL and trow your old socks at people
-WELSH , so

-TREEBALL , so let us know what is your last trick in the vid and koston's ,yeah
-WELSH not sure well find out on friday wont we ?
-TREEBALL ....befor every body knows , that should get me some hits on here
-WELSH , haha and me kicked off lakai
-TREEBLOG I heard benihanah nose grind wilshire
-WELSH , not sure
-TREEBALL, nearly !!
-TREEBALL, How exited ar you to watch yourself on the big screen and who do you think is going to have the best part?

-WELSH , not excited to watch my part for the first time in front of everyone, and i think MJ ,maybe Guy, see, im the wrong person to ask about who gonna have the best part, because i like each person =
the same

-TREEBALL , what is your best slam ?
-WELSH I fell on my back oncereal hard, dan wolf, gabe morford, and ty evens were there
-TREEBALL, I want the best one , like maybe fell in a swamp with a frog on your head some like that,
-WELSH , I felt so fuckin hard in front of those guys just warming up tripped of a loading dock backwards with both of my heals
-TREEBALL you trip both off your feet and felt staigh on you back after you call all those dude up to film you ?? And you were done? crowling like a fish??
-WELSH , I still got a trick that night
-TREEBALL, amazing !!
-WELSH , I m going to watch cheater on pbs now,

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today was even better first I got my lakai video tickets in the mail , then we got to go to the skateboard mag eat with the great Dave Swift and Mike , cam up on bunch of videos like the girl boxe set long wait for that one and a pantaglo game ? Well im not so sure about this one .
Dave would 't tell us who s got the cover of the next mag though, I wanted to post it up tonight but fuck it was worth going there to see the John Gibson model on the wall . Thanks Dave

last couple day have been pretty interssesting Welsh show up at the middle off nowhere at 8 am wanted to get some last tricks for the lakai video .He was so stress about the count down he fergot to put some pants on.

Friday, November 9, 2007

WIth all the hyped that The TREEBLOG s getting, it will featur weekly interviews from my favorite people , who s it going to be first ?

Thanks to The Gallant ,Summer Cloey and the Bentley for hosting the party ( Bentley is the little Dogg in the midle )

Here is a quick recap from halloween Kyle Leeper and Oliver probly had the best costume of the night .

Monday, November 5, 2007

Karl doing a nollie inward heal to pivot to fakie

I dont know if he felt bad to make fun off them or his worst nightmare happend , but next day he was supporting the kilt himself.

I was eating next ot Dana our filmer , when he saw this guy walking with a kilt ,he could 't stop laughing at him , I told him it was't very nice to make fun off Quebec cultur and that it was bad luck, but kept laughing.

Attention first correction to the Treeblog . I just got inform that this kilt is't part of Quebec cultur but more" scodish or old english" type of kilt , it just happend to be in Quebec city . Excusez-moi mes amis fran├žais.

When you travel with people the truth coms out sometime and it was a painful truth for Karl and Adelmo to find out that Zack was 't so into Organic stuff .

We saw a lot off Afelmo in canada people that try to be like Adelmo and claim that the only eat dirt and water from the sacret river , and then you see him siping away on a starbucks cup !!

Joey always look good a demos and , I dont think they were thinking otherwise either

We saw two Canadian posers trying to be like Karl and Wade but they got it all backwards.

Anythink wierd about this photos?

Zack Lyons ??
Let s start with the recent Canada trip that we went on I had the chance to snap couple shot off this

Sunday, November 4, 2007

On a recent trip to AZ ,during a storm a giangantic tree ball roll up on us . It change my life and many other after that this is were it all started.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

welcome to TREEBLOG

WHat is this !!!!!!



This is Chanys Treeblog, prepare for insanity