Thursday, November 15, 2007

the "ROB WELSH" Interview finally here !!!

-TREEBLOG , So how exited are you to be the first interview on the treeblog ???

-WELSH , Very !! I was just thinking about it you must get like 40 thousand hits a day on your blog
-TREEBLOG I will after i get this interview done with you
-WELSH , probably just 40 if that.

-TREEBLOG, You 'v recently stop smoking and purchase a new hybrid I m very proud off you , why this change ?
is it has to do with the cound down ?
-WELSH, well I quit smoking because of money reasons, I was smoking two packs a day. and it got expensive. I thought with all the cigerette marketing I could get a good cigerette sponsor, but the phone never rang and I would keep smoking if they were free I didn't think i could limit myself to just one pack a day, i would need at least two I could afford that but two packs, kinda costly so with all the money i was saving i thought why not buy a car my other car blew a valve spring, so it was kinda fucked and it was about that timeit had over 120 thousand miles so why not by a hybrid makes more sense though I would love a ego car some mussel car or some shit.

-TREEBALL Ok that enough i though you going to say that you were a little earth consius or something
-WELSH don't save it, pave it
-TREEBALL, or that you were softing up you image
-WELSH ha , don';t you wish, earths cool i guess
-TREEBALL yeah but after all you want to smoke yourself out and drive musscle car

-WELSH all the earth I cherish is concrete
-TREEBALL and trow your old socks at people
-WELSH , so

-TREEBALL , so let us know what is your last trick in the vid and koston's ,yeah
-WELSH not sure well find out on friday wont we ?
-TREEBALL ....befor every body knows , that should get me some hits on here
-WELSH , haha and me kicked off lakai
-TREEBLOG I heard benihanah nose grind wilshire
-WELSH , not sure
-TREEBALL, nearly !!
-TREEBALL, How exited ar you to watch yourself on the big screen and who do you think is going to have the best part?

-WELSH , not excited to watch my part for the first time in front of everyone, and i think MJ ,maybe Guy, see, im the wrong person to ask about who gonna have the best part, because i like each person =
the same

-TREEBALL , what is your best slam ?
-WELSH I fell on my back oncereal hard, dan wolf, gabe morford, and ty evens were there
-TREEBALL, I want the best one , like maybe fell in a swamp with a frog on your head some like that,
-WELSH , I felt so fuckin hard in front of those guys just warming up tripped of a loading dock backwards with both of my heals
-TREEBALL you trip both off your feet and felt staigh on you back after you call all those dude up to film you ?? And you were done? crowling like a fish??
-WELSH , I still got a trick that night
-TREEBALL, amazing !!
-WELSH , I m going to watch cheater on pbs now,


rob said...
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PEPPER said...

worst interview ever. learn how to spell captain haddock.