Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Kenny Hiromasa Anderson 's interview ! From Indians in Vegas ,sex with Bam's dad to male hooker in Singapore here it is...

Treeblog : Hey kenny
Kenny.H: Hey

TB: What are you doing ?
K.H.A.: In Vegas

TB; Yeah for thankgiving ?
K.H: Yeah

K.H: It was good .. whole family was there .. giving thanks.
TB : Remember when the Indian use to live under ceasars palace hunting buffalos

KE: Indian!! did I tell you that ?
TB: What ? no, it 's true ? You tell people that ?

KH: Vegas is built on an indian burial ground.
TB: sounds familiar now , that 's creepies, but it's not really you fault
because chiness were't mean to the indians.

KH: I 'm Japanese
TB: Same thing... I was wondering who invented the big spin the other day

KH: Lotti, or Ocean , that s a hard one there were doing it around the same
time, I saw lotti do it when i was young...and it was the first time I had
seen it.
TB: yeah that s what I was getting at because I talk to mark Wyndham and he
said that Ocean was doing it at the same time

KH: Who knows who cares mark wyndham is the best he did it first.
TB: Mark said ocean did it , but I m glad that you think mark is the best
because it seems like I m the last one that think so this days, but i
think you would off invented if they did 't do it.

K.H: cmon bro leave me out off this.
TB: but did you invented the swich back smith ?

K.H: Yeah Treeball, I envented the switch back smith !
TB: How do you do them so good you steeze them out like nobody eles then you
KH: i just learned an old trick late, id say salmon probably did the first one
TB: Salmon the fish?
K.H: I dont do them good , yeah sushi did it and sashimi did it first
TB: you do them the best but i do understand that you dont want to tell the
millions off people the secret

K.H : Wow ,did i make your blog ??
TREE.B: yeah you did , look at your photo see..

K.H : yeah...looking real stupid
TREE.B: well you r going to look so good once we are done with this interview , do
you have a photo I can use by the way?

K.H: this is the interview ???
TREE.B: yeah it s going great so far ,
K.H: RAD !

TB: what do you mean RAD , are you exited??
K.H: I m so exited I can barely type.

TREE: Ok good I m glad , I really need this interview ,the hits are jumping up
When i have one,
K.H : your amazing
TREE.B: I m just ok ,thanks... when 's the last time you see Bam ?? People are
asking about him, you know him good ??? Were you on his show ??

K.H: this just gets better and better... i thought were just chatting then all
of a sudden..... yeah I was on his show. It change my life for ever I
skated and gambled ... and sat in vegas chapel.

TREE.B: did you beat up his dad ??
K.H: no ! i m a lover not a fighter.

TREE.B: lover ? Sounds good but why did 't you beat up his dad ? I though that 's
what we supposed to do ?
K.H Whos we? a random kung fu enthusiast from switzerland ? Who do you think
would win? you or Phil

TREE.B I would hit him with an alp horn at least I dont know if he can take
K.H he could take it.
TREE.B: till i bring out the cheese block on his head...he seem really stong
K.H: well the smell from your cheese alone could take him

TREE.B: Yeah i think so! What 's your best slam ? like you know the one that felix
felt on the chair in Belgium do you have anything like this?

K.H: how do you remember that??
TREE.B: how could i fergert ??? did you ?
K.H : that was amazing.....felix going rambo...
K.H: yeah the most amazing thing i ever saw ,he always had the grand finale

TREE.B : yeah and what a finaly that was ,do you have one like this ?
K.H yeah i was grinding a 5 kink handrail and slipped out and smacked my head
on the stairs.....then i got up and did it 3 tries later.

TREE.B: What that's me ? that's not funy who cares about that ? I walk in a
electric poll befor while i was hollering at some girl that was pretty
K.H: What are you talking about? 'i walk in a electric poll befor while i was
hollering at some girl that was pretty funny'
TREE.B I was walking up the street and I was like" what s up girl" she was across
the street and run into a electric poll with my head. I did !!!

K.H: Oh!! I forgot....typical TREEBALL move.
TREE.B : yeah do you have one like this? Or a funy slam?

K.H: sorry TREEBALL...i never walked into a pole trying to holler at a girl

TREE.B : I would't think so either well you not fun , so I just leave the part
about bams dad then? When you said that you rader make love to him insted
of fighting him ?

K.H : why dont we talk about you in singapore ? Who cares about funy slams when
we have Treeball hooking up with a male hooker in singapore
T.B. Singapour? Ahha you are so making thing 's up, how com i cant remember

K.H: you've always had selective memory ,felix flying off a 12 foot bank onto a
chair,but not the little mistake you made...
TREE.B: I m trying really hard I can t remember... that as never happend
I guarantie

K.H: ok didn't. whatever
T.B: I know i did't but that a funny com back but it is you interview not mine
and all I need is a photo and we are ready to go ....male hookers ??

K.H. let me interview you I have a lot of questions for you
T.B: I cant get my own interview on the treeblog , how is that?
K.H: guest editor
T.B: you get one only go head?

K.H: I still have some unanswered question from years ago
T.B: I m waiting....go head guest editor...

K.H: Heres one....ill save the rest for later...
K.H: Were you in love with the girl that stole your wallet?
T.H: Ahahha good one , I really thing she liked me and I did like her you r a
K.H: well thats all I needed, bring this out on the Treeblog ,just wait till
the full length interview.

T.B: Sick,well Kenny it was awesome having you here i hope we can do it again
T.B : send me a photo with you and the indiens

K.H : thank you TREEBALL, it was good being here. You are very welcoming and
your hospitality is much appreciated..............

K.H: you got the photo??
TREE.B: Oh whoaw awesome , is that a lama??????
K.H: yeah

TREE.B: I can belive it that s an amazing photo
K.H: Peru
TREE.: nice why you look so big ?

K.H: I m big in peru
TREE.B you'r big time ?

K.H: yep
TREE.B or are they elf ?
K.H thats not nice

TREE.B I'm just kidding I just watch elf last night when the have the conference,
keeps calling the guy an hangry elf.
K.H: thanks for clearing that up.

K.H: good stuff
TREE.B Ok we 'r done thanks Touky....see you on the blog soon.... .................................................................

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